A group of young people using a ride sharing service.

Vite is a logistics company providing personalized, safe, reliable, and efficient rideshare and delivery experiences in Mauritius. The company was incorporated in June 2020 in Mauritius and officially launched our rideshare app in December 2020. We’ve grown rapidly to 20,000+ active paying users in a few months, with plans underway to launch our food delivery service within the next few weeks. We have been awarded a $20,000 grant by the Mauritius government, who believe in our approach of partnering with and improving existing transportation and  operators like taxis rather than disrupting them.

We’re building a super app to serve 50 million customers in tier 1 cities across 90 countries in Africa, The Middle East, And Latin America

All of us at Vite are deeply committed to impacting lives in the cities we operate in through partnerships with nonprofits that help provide financial assistance for elderly citizens.


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